Choosing the right breed of Savannah Cats for You

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Choosing the right breed of Savannah Cats for You

Savannah Cats have different types of breeds and selecting the right breed for you can be confusing sometimes. We are here to assist you in locating the Savannah Kitten that is best suited to your needs.. Mostly Savannah Cats are on Sale on different platforms but no information is shared about the breed and generation of the Kitten.

As Savannah Cats are produced by the mating of a Wild Serval with a Domestic Cat. The major difference in the type of the Savannah Cats is based on the Percentage of Serval. Then there comes the size, colors, length of legs and ears, temperament, and moods of the cats. Following are the main difference between different types of Savannah Cats so that you can easily choose your pet.

The F1 Savannah Cats breeds

The F1 Savannah Cats have around 50% of Serval genetic influence that’s why the F1 Savannah Males are the largest and strongest in appearance. The size of F1 Male Savannahs is bigger than the females. The weight of the Male Savannah F1 Cat is around 30 Pounds and its height is 20 to 25 inches giving the looks of wild ancestors. The female F1 Savannah Cats are slightly shorter in size than the males and weigh around 20 Pounds.

It is very easy to train F1 Savannah cats for litter and within a few days of training, they would be using the litter boxes. The F1 Savannah Cats won’t be littering around the house. The F1 Savannah Cats do not socialize with outsiders easily and enjoy the company of one or two persons.

The F1 Kittens are very energetic and like to play around, but F1 Savannahs don’t like to stay in laps. They do have a tendency to be fussy around their litter boxes and other materials they see in the house, but once you get them accustomed to a few items it can become routine. An unhappy F1 will often choose not to go to the litter box.

F1 Savannah Cats for Sale

The price of F1 Savannah Cats available for sale range from $ 15,000 to $ 20,000. Plenty of options of F1 Savannah Cats are available at our website.

The F2 Savannah Cats breeds

The F2 Savannah Cats have 30% Serval genetics in them. The weight of F2 Male Savannah Cats can reach up to 20 Pounds with a height of around 22 inches. The F2 Females Savannah weight approximately 16 Pounds with heights slightly less than the F2 Males.

F2 Savannah Cats will spend most of their time with their immediate family and kids. When strangers come into the home, they often initially hide, but they will usually get to know the visitors over time. Most F2 cats are not likely to stay in the laps and don’t like to be held. Litter box habits are good. Going to the vet will be more hassle-free as compared to the F1 Savannah Cats.

 F2 Savannah Cats for Sale

The price of F2 Savannah Cats for sale range from $ 5000 to $ 10,000. Visit our website for F2 Savannah Cats.

F3 Savannah Cats breeds

The F3 Savannah Cats have 20% of Serval genetics in them which results in the decrease in size as well as the weight of the F3 Savannah category. The F3 Male Savannahs weigh around 15 to 18 Pounds with a height of 18 to 20 inches. The F3 Right breed Females Savannahs weigh less than 15 pounds.

The Right breed F3 Savannah Cats are very social as compared to the F1 and F2 and even bond quickly with strangers. F3 Cats have a combination of F4 and F5 colorations that give them the most beautiful feline colors. We highly recommend little F3 kittens, they are a combination of wild and domestic cat features.

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