Savannah Cats


We breed Savannah cats to protect their species, so we appreciate it when potential cat owners decide to add this amazing breed to their households.

While experienced Savannah cat owners might understand the intricacies of raising the breed, new F1 Savannah kitten parents might find it hard at the beginning. You might also find out that there might not be the type of Savannah cat you wish to own in your local environment.

We offer quality shipping services to enthusiastic Savannah cat owners irrespective of the location within and outside the country.


We arranged for a visit with our veterinarian to procure a necessary health certificate for travel. We then prepare the kitten for shipping, along with other important articles that you’ll need.

When we book the kitten’s flight, we will send you the departure date, time, flight tracking number, pickup instructions, and complete flight information to keep you updated.

If you require other details regarding the movement of your Savannah cat till your pet arrives, we can also find ways to provide them.


We’ll need the following documents to complete shipping, as well as a health certificate and a change of ownership papers for your Savannah cat or kitten:


Current address:

Active phone number:

Phone number of someone you trust: (in case of an emergency and you are not able to pick up)

Airports closest to you:

Mode of pick-up and pickup cost:

(If you need to change the mode and pickup instructions, please inform us a day before the kitten is shipped)


You will need a valid mode of identification for pick up. In most cases, you’ll be able to pick it up at the airline’s ticket counter or cargo office. There is also the option of home delivery, but it comes with additional charges.


With our many years of shipping experience in receiving and shipping Savannah kittens, we have followed detailed protocol in ensuring that the kittens are adequately cared for by experienced individuals to ensure that our clients’ pets arrive active and healthy.

We take care of preparations- and we will provide departure and arrival details beforehand. We also make sure that your Savannah cat remains comfortable on board in crates that are designed to provide both safety and comfort.



Much like traveling during other seasons, we ensure your cat is well prepared to be shipped during winter. We also contact the airlines regarding the standard temperature to determine the appropriate day and time your Savannah cat will make the trip to you.

The same goes for other seasons. You don’t have to worry about your pet being too cold or too uncomfortable because we make it a point of duty to cross-check shipping details to ensure everything goes well.


We ship international, and rates vary with time and distance (location)

We check with our shipping agent after the buyer provides shipping details, and we get back to the buyer with shipping rates and shipping services.