As an experienced Savannah kitten breeder, we do our best. Customer Guarantee to ensure that nothing will go wrong with our kittens in their new homes. We take pride in knowing that our relationship with you as a. Savannah kitten owner doesn’t end when you purchase from us.

We make sure the kitten is in good health and free of all infectious diseases at the time of sale.

Breeder Validation

The Kitten(s) will be currently on deworming and will have received a. Customer Guarantee for all shots recommended for the kitten’s age at the time the buyer requested for their furry friend.

As Savannah Kittens Breeder, we provide a health guarantee for the kitten.

If the kitten has a life-threatening congenital or hereditary defect.

Validation of this guarantee requires examination of. The Kitten by the vet of the buyer’s choice at the buyer’s expense within 4 days after taking delivery. Failure to have the kitten examined by a vet within this period will void the health guarantee.

Buyer’s Responsibilities

The buyer is responsible for any shipping fees and Customer Guarantee for the replacement kitten. In the event of death, a licensed veterinarian must perform an autopsy. To determine the exact cause of death at the owners’ expense. The report from the autopsy must be sent to the breeder’s attending veterinarian for review. The health guarantee is not valid if the kitten is sold to a third party.

This Customer Guarantee does NOT cover:

Hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, giardia, hernias, weight, breeding ability, or any other health standards for a kitten.