“I live alone and have always wanted to adopt a pet. When I first saw the picture of an F1 savannah kitten online, I was smitten. I was a little skeptical because of the price, but Savannah Kittens walked me through buying my first pet, and I’m happy to say that Pearl is the absolute joy I didn't know I needed.”  


“My wife and I had a savannah cat years ago, but when we moved, we couldn’t take her with us. We moved again and decided to get another. Despite having enough experience, we learned a lot from Savannah Kittens on how to take care of our cat.” 

John. M

“Gene had his shots last week, and as you told us, he was fine! My partner and I were really worried about his health. We’re glad we bought our baby from professionals willing to walk you through- from home transitioning to feeding, sleeping, and other little questions we had as new cat parents. Definitely getting another savannah kitten to keep Gene company!” 


“Hi, there! I just want to say what a bundle of happiness my kitten has been ever since we brought her home. I have lots and lots of pictures on my Instagram because people kept asking me to make an account for little Terry.   Terry and I go on adventures all the time, and she keeps me on my tippy toes! I can almost tell she pouts when I go on errands without her. I’m so glad I found Savannah Kittens when I did.”


I’ll admit that having a Savannah cat can be a handful, especially when he tries to play with our dog- Mickey. Tom likes the outdoors, and Mickey loves to cuddle. At first, we thought they would not get along, but Savannah Kittens assisted us and helped set up activities for both our pets.  Now, they are best of friends.”


“My daughter, she’s twelve, has been talking about getting a pet for months now as a birthday gift. She doesn’t go out much due to medical reasons, and we knew a dog would put too much strain on her.  Daystar, her Savannah kitten, prefers to curl up on her lap all day, steal cuddles and sleep in her bed at night.   All these happened because I stumbled on Savannah Kittens and made the perfect choice of getting one.” 


“Savannah Kittens took the job of raising a pet and made it really easy for my wife and me. Since the kids are all grown and away from home, we decided to add to the family. Welcome to the family, Simba.” 

Oliver and Esther

“Missy learned a new trick today. Sit. So far, she knows six, and I’m proud to say she’s catching up really fast. I saw somewhere that Savannah cats are highly intelligent, and I’m not ashamed to say I brag about her wherever I go.” 


“Best partner to go running with. Don’t think a cat can be your training partner? Get a savannah cat, and I bet you’ll change your mind quickly.”