Amazing Facts About Savannah Cats

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Amazing Facts About Savannah Cats

For Cat lovers 

The savannah cat is a unique breed of feline possessing exotic and fun-loving features. Innate to this group of animals is the trait combination of several Cats and Siamese. 

Amazing Facts about Savannah Cats is that Savannahs are friendly and rarely exhibit hostility towards strangers. Domesticating a Savannah cat is as close to owning a pet wildcat. 

We have compiled some Amazing Facts about Savannah Cats that you probably didn’t know.

Savannah cats are products of cross-breeding 

The uniqueness of their traits is a result of crossing wild African serval cats with domestic cats. This cross-breeding produced the Savannah cats, with their exotic wild cat features and friendliness. 

Savannahs are closely related to the lynx and ocelot species, which are all covered with a similar sheenly spotted coat. 

The very first kitten that resulted out of this crossing was named ‘Savannah’, and it ended up being the name of the breed. 

Savannah cats have an impressive appearance 

Hybrid in nature, this group of felines display some of the most impressive characteristics of wildcats effortlessly. They act majestic and poised, somewhat similar to wild cheetahs. 

Adorned with beautifully spotted coats, savannahs are difficult to ignore at first glance. One characteristic feature that makes them easily recognizable is their long and erected ears. 

They hold the Guinness record for the world’s tallest domestic cat in recent years, measuring up to 19 inches tall. 

Savannah Cats have a Friendly Nature

Savannahs have been likened to dogs in their playful and human friendliness. They possess loyalty in a similar way to dogs and often accompany their owners wherever they go. 

They also like to go for walks outdoors. Ensure to place a leash on them as well as identification tags before taking them out for walks. 

They are energetic 

Savannahs are filled with lots of energy, mostly due to their wild instinct and traits. They require frequent exercise as they may become restless and destructive if they Do not expel some of the accumulated energy. 

They always want to play and have fun, thus their lively attributes. A Savannah will prefer to be busy and active rather than cat-napping as most regular felines do. 

If you’re interested in a fun-loving pet, we have an f1 savannah cats for sale as it would be a great choice.

They are water-loving 

Most cats are repulsive to water, but not Savannahs. The Savannah cats are well known for being water-loving, sometimes you’d find them taking a dip and swimming. This makes bathing a Savannah cat relatively easy. Some will even have a shower with their owners. 

Savannah cats are incredible jumpers

Savannah cats can leap up to 11 feet in the air. They enjoy frequently roaming about high places, jumping from tops to tops, and stretching out to long distances. 

Because of their amazing jumping abilities, together with their long and slender legs which give them apparent levitation, they love to climb and explore. 

They are Intelligent 

Savannah cats are intelligent and curious. They learn and catch up to commands effortlessly. Savannahs can be taught common tricks like a door opening, object retrieval, and pet games. 

Savannahs can sometimes be too clever for their own good. They sometimes play tricks and pranks on their owners. You can have an experience of their intelligence by buying kittens from us as we have cheap savannah kittens for sale in New York.

They are long-lived 

The Savannah cat breed is slow to maturity and most times live for lengthy years. Thus, with this pet, you’ll have a long-lasting friend to keep you company.   

They come in different hues

Savannahs appear in many different colors. Golden colored with black spots is usually the most common look for savannahs. The International Cat Association (TICA) generally accepts colors like brown, black, and silver. 

Savannah cats are good pets irrespective of the color of their fur. 

Savannah cats are expensive

Affording a Savannah cat is costly. Exotic and beautiful as they can appear, they equally come with an exotic price as well. Savannahs range from F1 to F6, implying First Filial generation to Sixth Filial generation. F4 is considered a purebred generation. However, we have savannah kittens for sale at an affordable price.


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